Capacitar is an international network of empowerment and solidarity.  We teach simple wellness practices, team building and self-development to awaken people to their own wisdom, strength and resources. From personal healing and transformation, people can reach out to their families and communities to heal injustice and create a more peaceful world.

Capacitar’s mission is to heal ourselves and heal our world. We teach simple holistic wellness practices that help people tap into the wisdom of their own body, mind and spirit. This leads to healing, wholeness and peace in the individual and in the world.

Capacitar is an international network of solidarity and empowerment working in over 45 countries in the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We are especially committed to communities affected by violence, poverty and trauma.

Capacitar’s Response to Global Pandemic

Shared Resources

Our Spring 2020 Newsletter (English, German, Indonesian, Spanish) will offer a variety of practices that can be used for self-care and shared with your family, friends and communities.   It can be downloaded from our website (English, German, Indonesian, Spanish), along with other e-bulletins on Capacitar practices for these times. At the moment, our e-bulletins are being translated and circulated to many thousands around the world–in the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America. 

Our Emergency Kit is available in many languages. To download one, see the information below.

You will also find short videos of many Capacitar practices in English, Spanish, and German on our YouTube Channel.

Use these practices for yourself when life gets overwhelming. Teach them to your children who are home from school, to your elders who are anxious or sick, to your neighbors who may feel isolated or alone. Reach out to those who have few resources or have lost their job because of the current crisis.  Please share this newsletter far and wide…we would love to see it go positively “viral”!

This is a unique moment on our planet when the human family can become more aware of the greatness of our hearts and spirits. From Richard Hendrick’s poem…

All over the world

People are waking up to a new reality,

To how big we really are. . .

To what really matters.

To Love.

Sending love and light!

Emergency Kit Download Available in Many Languages

In 2005, we responded to Hurricane Katrina by putting together this kit of simple basic practices for immediate use to help people deal with challenging situations, such as natural disasters, violence or chronic stress. Since then it has been translated into more than 20 languages and used in countries after tsunamis, earthquakes, floods and areas of ongoing conflict.

Click here to download.

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Browse our store for many supporting manuals, books and DVD’s that compliment and explore our methods of training and practices. Content is available in Spanish and English. Click here to go to store

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