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What Capacitar Teaches

Capacitar teaches easy-to-learn, easy-to-use holistic practices drawn both from ancient cultures and current research. Capacitar has field-tested and evaluated these practices with thousands of people from different cultures and socioeconomic groups for more than 30 years. This evaluation has demonstrated the positive effects of using the practices on people’s emotional, mental, spiritual and physical states and their sense of empowerment. Current medical research also proves the efficacy of many of the practices. Capacitar continually evaluates program content, methods and outcomes.

The practices Capacitar teaches include:

• Tai Chi meditation, Pal Dan Gum and body movement 

• Visualization and breathwork

• Active Listening and simple psychotherapeutic skills

• Acupressure for alleviating physical and emotional pain and stress

• Fingerholds for managing emotions

• Emotional Freedom Tapping and Thought Field Therapy

• Hand massage, seated massage and Polarity

• Work with the energy system and chakras

• Hand positions for protection and relaxation

• And other wellness modalities