Our programs teach simple holistic wellness practices, team building and self-development to awaken people to their own wisdom, strength and resources.

Multicultural Wellness Education


Length: One-year training program consisting of quarterly modules.

Summary: The program focuses on those working in outreach services, the healing professions, education, ministry, psychology, social work, spirituality and volunteer work.

Training objectives:

  • Develop a basic proficiency in Capacitar wellness practices:Tai Chi, meditation, breathwork, fingerholds to manage emotions, Emotional Freedom Technique, visualization, energy exercises, active listening, acupressure protocols, polarity, simple massage.
  • Understand and integrate the theories and research that form the basis of Capacitar work: energy and field theory, the new cosmology, multicultural theory, leadership development, healing systems
  • Facility in using a learner-centered popular education model through a practicum in the community
  • Personal vision and values and a commitment to one’s own personal healing process.

Facilitators: Capacitar Founder/Director, Patricia Cane, Ph.D. or members of the international team: Joan Rebmann Condon M.A., Mary Litell, OSF, M.A. Marjorie Wilbur, M.A., George Horan, M.A. and Margaret Wilson, RSCJ, Genevieve van Waesberghe, MMM, M.D.

Companion Materials: The Capacitar manual “Trauma, Healing & Transformation: Awakening a New Heart.”

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Trauma Healing and Transformation

Usually three to four modules but can be adapted to the needs of the group.

Summary: This is an in-depth training program for professionals and grassroots people affected by traumatic stress and those working with the traumatized and mentally ill. The program complements and supports existing community resources, cultural practices and mental health programs.

Training objectives:

  • Understand trauma theory including how trauma and traumatic stress affect the body, mind and emotions.
  • Develop competence in Capacitar practices that help alleviate the effects of trauma, traumatic stress, secondary trauma and compassion fatigue.
  • Explore the uses of Capacitar in clinical, professional and grassroots settings.

Facilitator: Capacitar Founder/Director, Patricia Cane, Ph.D., or members of the international team.

Trauma Healing & TransformationCompanion Materials:
The Capacitar manuals “Living in Wellness: Trauma Healing
or “Trauma, Healing & Transformation: Awakening a New Heart.”

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Care for Caregivers: Living in Wellness

Determined according to the needs of the group.

Summary: Care for Caregivers offers self-care principles, skills and Capacitar tools for use with others in the following areas:HIV/AIDS, CANCER, Compassion Fatigue (Secondary Trauma), Stress and Mental Health issues.

Training objectives:

  • Develop competence in Capacitar practices that caregivers can use to alleviate their own compassion fatigue.
  • Learn when and how to share the Capacitar practices with clients and family.

Facilitator: Capacitar Founder/Director, Patricia Cane, Ph.D., or members of the international team.

Living in Wellness: Trauma ManualCompanion Materials:
Capacitar Living in Wellness manuals (HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Trauma).

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Capacitar for Children, Teachers & Families

Capacitar for Kids

Capacitar for Children, Teachers & Families

Length: Determined in collaboration with the sponsoring group.

Summary: A program in Multicultural Wellness Education for children, schools and families that teaches simple practices for students, teachers, parents, administrators and staff for use in the classroom, the schoolyard and the home.

Training objectives:

  • Support the child’s learning process with Capacitar practices that promote health and wellbeing: Tai Chi, meditation, fingerholds to manage emotions, Pal Dan Gum etc.
  • Develop the child’s intelligence and awaken the intrinsic wisdom of the body-mind-spirit.
  • Promote positive and healthy personal, family and community attitudes.
  • Heal the physical and emotional symptoms of traumatic stress.
  • Transform individual, community and societal patterns of violence.

Facilitator: Capacitar Founder/Director, Patricia Cane, Ph.D., or members of the international team.

Capacitar for KidsCompanion Materials: The manual “Capacitar for Kids.” Available in English and Spanish.


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Leadership, Team & Organizational Development


Length: Determined in consultation with the sponsoring group.

Summary: Team and organizational development trainings for individuals, staffs and grassroots groups. The workshops use popular education methodology and integrate leadership theory and skills with Capacitar body-mind-spirit practices.

Training objectives:

  • Recognize and understand different leadership values, styles and behaviors.
  • Explore the theory, development and management of organizations.
  • Understand grassroots organizational development: budgets, funding proposals, strategic planning and sustainability.
  • Explore the theory and practice of conflict resolution, forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • Improve teamwork through the understanding of Team Spirit.
  • Learn Capacitar practices, how to use them to improve your leadership skills and how to integrate them into organizations.

Facilitator: Capacitar Founder/Director, Patricia Cane, Ph.D., or members of the international team.


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National, International & Regional Gatherings


Capacitar organizes national, international and regional gatherings to strengthen networking and outreach. The gatherings are open to people who have participated in Capacitar trainings and who use the practices in their daily lives.

The goals of the gatherings are to:

  • Promote networking and collaboration on local, national, regional & international levels.
  • Share experiences of how Capacitar is being used with groups.
  • Provide information and new training for teams and individuals in areas of interest and need.
  • Share resources and expertise among participants.
  • Encourage leadership and collaboration among participants in planning for future growth and development.

Facilitators: Capacitar Founder/Director, Patricia Cane, Ph.D., and Joan Rebmann Condon, M.A., Conference Coordinator.

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Workshops, Retreats & Presentations


Length: Workshops and retreats of one or more days

Summary: Capacitar offers workshops, retreats and presentations specifically designed for sponsoring organizations, centers, community groups, staffs and faculties. Presentations can be part of meetings, conferences and social functions for women’s organization, churches, health professionals, veteran’s groups and civic events.


  • Transform the spirit of organizations.
  • Provide valuable professional and interpersonal skills.
  • Heal stress-related problems in staffs.
  • Provide a source of spiritual support and renewal for individuals and groups..
  • Give information on current issues related to the work of Capacitar.
  • Raise funds and friends in the community
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