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Capacitar Values


Capacitar recognizes the wisdom of body, mind and spirit within each person. We affirm the deep interconnection that we share as a human family and with all being in the cosmos. Our vision to heal ourselves and heal our world comes from the spiritual tradition of many cultures. We believe that we must work both personally and globally, beginning with the person, the basic agent of change. As people recognize their inherent wisdom and capacity, they are empowered to take on their own process of healing and transformation, as well as to reach out to others. Rec- ognizing the injustices around them, they are able to reflect on and work with others to effect healing and change in their communities and societies.

Social Change

Capacitar’s value of social change embodies the spirit of compassion and commitment to loving service and empowerment of the community. In the spirit of the great saints and sages of all cultures, Capacitar works in solidarity with grassroots people of the world for the healing, transformation and enlightenment of all being.

Capacitar Logo

Capacitar’s logo comes from a pre-columbian design of the lotus, symbol of spirituality. The image represents creativity and empowerment—people rooted to the earth, with arms raised to the energy of the heavens, hands joined in solidarity around the world, with the seed of life nurtured and growing within.