About Us

What is Capacitar

  • capabout_1A spirit of empowerment and solidarity.
  • A network connecting people in 5 continents.
  • An organization, Capacitar International, with an office in California, an international team of trainers.
  • Teams, coordinating groups and multipliers in over 45 countries.
  • People who live with the Capacitar spirit, multiplying the practices in their lives, work and communities
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How Capacitar Works

  • capabout_2Responds to invitations based on needs identified by communities.
  • Collaborates with established groups and with other economic and social development efforts.
  • Models alternative uses of power, as well as sensitivity to culture and traditions.
  • Develops programs in collaboration with local people recognizing that an idea conceived and born within a group has the energy to move that group.
  • Learns from local people’s experience in adapting practices to the needs and culture of their communities.
  • Trains and empowers people to be the popular educators and multipliers in their own communities.
  • Connects grassroots people through an international network of solidarity building relationships of cultural and personal understanding.
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What Capacitar Teaches

values2Capacitar teaches easy-to-learn, easy-to-use holistic practices drawn both from ancient cultures and current research. These practices include Tai Chi, meditation, breathwork, acupressure fingerholds to manage emotions, Emotional Freedom Tapping and Polarity.

Capacitar has field tested these practices with thousands of people from different cultures and socioeconomic groups for more than 30 years. This field testing and specific research has demonstrated the positive effects of using the practices on people’s emotional, mental, spiritual and physical states and their sense of empowerment. Current medical research also proves the efficacy of many of the practices. Capacitar continually evaluates program content, methods and outcomes.

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Capacitar Values

values1Capacitar recognizes the spiritual interconnection we all share with the Source of Being. It respects the faith, religious beliefs and commitments of all people.

Through its practices Capacitar endeavors to inspire people to recognize the sacredness of life, the goodness and wisdom we carry within our body-mind-spirit. Capacitar is committed to creating justice, nonviolence and peace in our world.

Capacitar recognizes the wisdom of body, mind and spirit within each person.  We affirm the deep interconnection that we share as a human family and with all being in the Cosmos.

Our vision to heal ourselves and heal our world comes from the spiritual tradition of many cultures. We believe that we must work both personally and globally, beginning with the person, the basic agent of change. As people recognize their inherent wisdom and capacity, they are empowered to take on their own process of healing and transformation, as well as to reach out to others.  Recognizing the injustices around them, they are able to reflect on and work with others to effect healing and change in their communities and societies.

Capacitar is committed to loving service and solidarity with grassroots people of the world for the healing, transformation and enlightenment of all being.

Capacitar is committed, in the spirit of Kwan Yin and the great saints and sages of all cultures,  to loving service and solidarity with grassroots people of the world for the healing, transformation and enlightenment of all being.

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The Capacitar Network


The Capacitar International training team responds to invitations for trainings and represents the organization in the field. In many countries Capacitar local teams and groups of multipliers have developed their own organizations and sponsor ongoing gatherings, workshops and outreach.

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Multiplying the Capacitar spirit

faq1Participants who have taken workshops or trainings are encouraged to informally share Capacitar practices acting as multipliers with their families, friends and communities in the spirit of popular education.

Many professionals, under the scope of their own practice or profession, also incorporate Capacitar practices and methods in their work, outreach, ministry or organization.

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What Capacitar is Not


Capacitar is not a first responder. Until the immediate needs of food, shelter, health care and some rebuilding of infrastructure have been met, people cannot begin to address the emotional and physical manifestations of the traumatic events that they have suffered.

Once people’s lives have been stabilized, the emotional effects of trauma begin to surface. This is when Capacitar is able to respond with its self-help popular education program. Capacitar’s response is driven by the needs of the people. We work with regional partners (organizations who respect the people as we do, and the integrity of solutions that communities develop) and respond to their requests for our program. Once a core group of community members is trained, we provide technical assistance, if requested, on multiplication strategies.  Capacitar International remains available for consultation by email or mail.

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