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Multicultural Wellness Education

Length: 1-year training program consisting of quarterly modules.

Summary: The program focuses on developing personal and community vision and skills for those working in outreach services, the healing professions, education, ministry, psychology, social work, refugee accompaniment, spirituality and volunteer work.

Training Objectives:

  • Develop a basic proficiency in Capacitar wellness practices: Tai Chi, meditation, breathwork, fingerholds to manage emotions, Emotional Freedom Tapping, visualization, energy exercises, active listening, acupressure protocols, polarity and simple massage
  • Understand and integrate the theories and research that form the basis of Capacitar work: energy and field theory, the new cosmology, multicultural theory, leadership development and healing systems
  • Develop facility in using a learner-centered popular education model through a practicum in the community
  • Awaken a personal and global vision, values and a commitment to one’s own healing process.

Facilitators: Capacitar Founder/Director, Patricia Cane, PhD or members of the international team including: Joan Reb- mann Condon MA, Mary Litell, OSF, MA Kathryn Revtyak, LCSW, Janine Galliner, LCSW, Rev Paul Golightly, Genevieve van Waesberghe, MMM, MD or other members of the International team.

Trauma Healing & Transformation – 300 pages

Training Text: Capacitar manual “Trauma, Healing & Transformation: Awakening a New Heart, Patricia Cane PhD.”

See Website Calendar for training dates and contacts.