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Capacitar for Children, Teachers, and Families

Length: 1 hour to 2 days determined in collaboration with the sponsoring group

Summary: A program in Multicultural Wellness Education for children, schools and families that teaches simple practices for students, teachers, parents, administrators and staff for use in the classroom, the schoolyard and the home. Practices and methods, such as fingerholds for managing emotions and Tai Chi, can be readily incorporated into the school curriculum to enrich all subject areas. The practices can also be offered to parents and community groups as a way to deal with stress-related problems and to promote healthy values and relationships.

Training Objectives:

  • Support the child’s learning process with Capacitar practices that promote health and wellbeing: Tai Chi, meditation, fingerholds to manage emotions, Pal Dan Gum etc.
  • Develop the child’s emotional intelligence and awaken the intrinsic wisdom of the body, mind and spirit
  • Promote positive and healthy personal, family and community values 
  • Heal the physical and emotional symptoms of traumatic stress 
  • Transform and heal individual, community and societal patterns of violence

Facilitators: Capacitar International Team Members

Capacitar for Kids

Training Text: Capacitar Manual, “Capacitar for Children.” Available in English and Spanish and other languages.

See Website Calendar for training dates and contacts.