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Participate in a Training

Capacitar workshops and trainings are given within the United States and internationally. To find a workshop or training in your area click here or email

Sponsor a Workshop

Would your group or organization benefit from a Capacitar workshop?  Capacitar will work with you to assess the needs of your group and will customize the workshop for the group. A Capacitar certified trainer will facilitate the workshop. 

Sponsors are responsible for training logistics and costs including the training site, snacks and meals for participants, setting fees to cover costs, and collecting and disbursing monies.

Costs:  These vary with location, number of trainees; their background, duration of training. and services to support the training. Costs also include transportation, housing, and meals for trainers.  

In the U.S. sponsoring groups host the Capacitar trainer(s), provide training facilities and materials, pay the above mentioned costs for trainers plus a stipend of $1,200 per trainer per training day.  International partners pay for trainer transportation from the trainer’s home country or share these costs with other programs in their geographic area. They also provide room, board, local transportation, training facilities and materials and a stipend based on available resources. 

For more information or to discuss your training needs, contact

Special Giving Opportunities

To make a cash donations, a gift of stocks or bonds or donate part of you IRA distribution, click this button.