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Capacitar’s Popular Education Approach

Capacitar uses a Popular Education approach in its programs. This dynamic educational method was developed by Brazilian Paulo Freire to empower people in their own transformative process. It is used extensively by grassroots people in Latin America and Africa. Popular Education forms the basis of Capacitar’s learner-centered approach. Using wellness practices, such as Tai Chi and Fingerholds, Capacitar teaches “body literacy” to reconnect people to their own wisdom and capacity.  An important aspect of popular education is the multiplier effect. Whatever a person learns they are encouraged to pass on to their families and communities, empowering the learner, contributing to the community and multiplying the work.

Multiplying the Capacitar Spirit

Capacitar International has a team that responds to invitations for trainings and represents the organization in the field. In many countries Capacitar local teams and groups of multipliers have developed their own organizations and sponsor ongoing gatherings, workshops and outreach. 

Participants who have taken workshops or trainings are encouraged to informally share Capacitar practices acting as multipliers with their families, friends and communities in the spirit of popular education.

Many professionals, under the scope of their own practice or profession, also incorporate Capacitar practices and methods in their work, outreach, ministry or organization.