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Integrative Tools For Healthcare

Length: Half day to 1 to 2-day workshops that can be adapted to the needs of the group.

Summary: This is a training program for healthcare professionals and those working with patients, staffs, families and clinics. The program focuses on restorative practices for self-care and community outreach for those who deal with burnout and trauma from the pandemic, community challenges, violence and climate emergencies.

Training Objectives:

  • Understand how burnout, trauma and traumatic stress affect the body, mind and emotions of healthcare professionals, staffs and patients.
  • Develop competence in Capacitar practices that help alleviate the effects of burnout and traumatic stress in healthcare professionals and staffs.
  • Explore the uses of Capacitar in clinical, professional and community settings.

Facilitators: Capacitar International Team Members

Integrative Tools for Healthcare Professionals

Training Text: Capacitar manual “Integrative Tools for Healthcare Professionals”

See Website Calendar for training dates and contacts.