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Capacitar has offered programs in the United States for people of all ages for more than 25 years. It works in collaboration with migrant and refugee services, schools, Head Start programs, spirituality centers, women’s groups, recovery programs, religious congregations, universities and health systems.

Upcoming Trainings and Workshops

California 2019-20

San Francisco Bay Area: Atherton, CA, Oakwood

2019 Trauma Healing Training

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Training: Dec 6-7

In response to the Gilroy and El Paso shootings, a new 2-day stand alone workshop has been designed to specifically address recovery from these type of life threatening experiences.  This will be offered at Oakwood Center in Atherton (northern California).  Please share this info with others who live in the area.  See attached flyer for details.

You can pay here for the Atherton Training

Contact: Joan Condon. jcondon@igc.org

Refugee Accompaniment, Encino, Holy Spirit Center

Dec 14-15

Refugee Accomp Flyer Encino

You can pay here for the Refugee Accompaniment Training

Contact: Sheila Grady, Training Coordinator, mrssgrady@gmail.com  818-943-0781

Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Encino CA

2020 4 Part Module Training

Our foundational 4-module Training in Healing and Transformation  program will be held on 4 week ends at Holy Spirit Retreat Center in 2020.   This in-depth program is for professionals or volunteers focused on caregiving, community outreach, ministry to the elderly, work with poverty, physical or mental health issues, abuse, trauma or violence. Practitioners in healing, education, ministry, psychology, social work and spirituality are able to apply the methods immediately to the populations with whom they work.  This program is a trainer of trainers model that will help participants share their knowledge with others in their communities. See attached flyer for info.

Module 1: Feb 8-9

Module 2: May 16-17

Module 3: Aug 29-30

Module 4: Dec 5-6

You can pay here for the 4 Part Module Training

Contact: Sheila Grady, Training Coordinator, mrssgrady@gmail.com  818-943-0781

Program: Multicultural Wellness Education

San Francisco Bay Area: Presentation Learning Center, Watts, CA

2019     Dec 6-7

2020     Mar 13-14    Jun 5-6

Contact: pcreedon@rscj.org

Texas 2020


Training 1: Jan 25-26  dates for training 2-4 TBC

Contact: Patricia Connolly DC. CapSanAntonio@gmail.com  pconnolly62@gmail.com

El Paso 2019

Contact: Kathy Braun OSF or Kathy Revtyak  CapacitarFrontera@gmail.com

Arizona 2020



Feb 1-2    May 23-24    Sept 19-20

2021    Jan 23-24

You can learn more at the link below and register.

Capacitar Wellness Techniques

Contact: Sharyn Chesser svchesser@cox.net

Alaska 2019

Program: TBA

Contact: Linda Chamberlain drlindachamberlain@gmail.com