The first workshops and trainings in Tanzania were in Mwanza and Arusha in 2002-2004 coordinated by Pat Gallogly MM, and Costancia Mbgoma. Those trained have offered outreach to schools, religious, teachers, HIV/AIDS patients, caregivers, families, domestic violence centers, single mothers, street children, trade centers, prisons, refugees, clinics and pastoral centers.

In 2010, Dr.Genevieve van Waesberghe, MMM offered sessions in Arusha. Among the participants were mental health professionals, women from the Shia Muslim Community and educators working with children with special needs and disabilities. A Trauma Healing and Transformation training was completed in 2011. Participant include the personnel of the Arusha Mental Health Trust and several of their community outreach partners, some of them working with youth, schools, mentally challenged children.

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