South Africa

The first Capacitar workshops in South Africa were offered in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Durban and KwaZulu/Natal IN 2002-2003. They focused on trauma and on care for caregivers working with people with HIV/AIDS. The SACBC (Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference) AIDS Office sponsored retreat workshops for caregivers (2003-2006) and the development of the Capacitar HIV/AIDS Living in Wellness Manual. Seven in-depth trainings and four team trainings have been offered in different regions of the country. Capacitar workshops, manuals and materials and an outreach network are currently coordinated regionally in the Western Cape, Port Elizabeth and East London, as well as under the auspices of different organizations.

Although a formal Capacitar program is not currently being offered, Capacitar methods are incorporated into the work of many organizations: Aids Response, St. Luke’s Hospice, among others. Sharon Johnson, PhD. has incorporated Capacitar methods in the curriculum of the psychology departments of several universities for teacher self-care.  Her dissertation addresses the burnout of teachers in high risk schools in the Western Cape.

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