The first Capacitar workshops were given in Ireland by Pat Cane in Dublin in 2003. The first Multicultural Wellness Education Training program began in 2004. In the following years 14 training were facilitated by Pat Cane; in Banbridge, Lurgan, Armagh, Dublin, Cork, Galway and Carlow. Participants were from all professions and have integrated Capacitar practices into their work.

In 2006, Capacitar Ireland was established as a Company Ltd by Guarantee.  Capacitar Ireland continues to offer workshops and trainings. Members of Capacitar Ireland have been involved in outreach in Sri Lanka after the tsunami, in Peru after the earthquake and in Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Colombia and Brazil

Upcoming Trainings and Workshops


Program: Foundation Training facilitated by Dr. Pat Cane


Training 1: Mar 7-8

Training 2: Jun 6-7

Training 3: Oct 17-18

Training 4: Feb 27-28 2021

Tutor Training 2021: May 8-9   Oct 2-3

Team dates 2021: TBA




Marian Baker

Patricia Abozaglo, MA