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Capacitar Response to Covid-19

Capacitar’s wellness practices give people simple tools they can use in the moment to manage the emotional challenges of Covid-19 (such as, fear, anxiety, panic, depression), as well as some of the physical symptoms related to the virus (chest-lung congestion, muscle pain, immune system response, low energy). See the wellness bulletins and videos for various practices.

Wellness Bulletins for Self-Care

Capacitar has published a series of wellness bulletins in different languages that offer a variety of practices that can be used for self-care and shared with family, friends and communities.

Links to download:

Wellness Videos for Self-Care (Links)

Capacitar has produced wellness videos of practices that are helpful for self-care and use with others. Clicking on these links will take you to each video on the Capacitar International YouTube Channel.

Use these practices for yourself when life gets overwhelming. Teach them to your children who are home from school, to your elders who are anxious or sick, to your neighbors who may feel isolated or alone. Reach out to those who have few resources or have lost their job because of the current crisis.

This is a unique moment on our planet when the human family can become more aware of the greatness of our hearts and spirits. From Richard Hendrick’s poem…

All over the world

People are waking up to a new reality,

To how big we really are. . .

To what really matters.

To Love.