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Spirituality and Social Change

Capacitar recognizes the wisdom and sacredness of body, mind and spirit of each person. We affirm the deep interconnection we share as a human family and with all being in the Cosmos.

Our vision to heal ourselves and heal our world comes from the spiritual tradition of many cultures. As people recognize their inherent wisdom and capacity, they are empowered to take on their own process of healing and transformation, as well as to reach out to others. Recognizing the injustices around them, they are able to reflect on and work with others to effect healing and change in their communities and societies.

Capacitar's values of spirituality and social change are especially embodied in the archetype of the Compassionate One, found in many cultures, who attained enlightenment and chose to embrace the human struggle to heal and empower others. In the spirit of the Compassionate One of all cultures, Capacitar is committed to loving service and solidarity with grassroots people of the world for the healing, transformation and enlightenment of all being.

Using a hands-on popular education approach, Capacitar teaches simple wellness practices that lead to healing, wholeness and peace in the individual and in the world. Capacitar is committed to communities affected by violence, poverty and trauma, uniting people across borders in solidarity, understanding and reconciliation.


Recognition of Capacitar's Work

Founder Pat Cane, with International Team, Mary Litell and Joan Condon, received the Mary Award from Juliet Spohn Twomey, representing
the Immaculate Heart Community. The IHM Award was in recognition of Capacitar's global commitment to promote social justice and peace and to foster access of all persons to truth, dignity and full human development.

CAPACITAR International received the 1st annual
On September 21, 2005, the International
Day of Peace, Capacitar International was
honored at the Agape Foundation's Awards
Ceremony held in San Francisco, CA.


Recognizing the work, voice and leadership of peacemakers and social change agents is intrinsic to the mission and vision of the Agape Foundation. But the peaceful are not just Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi; they are all of us - people who can make everyday choices about the right thing to do. The moral mandate for peace is both deep and broad. It is a value held by people of faith, people of conviction and people of conscience.

The first annual Agape Foundation Peace Prize Awards Ceremony recognized several established and emerging California peacemakers. The Agape Foundation, a non-profit public foundation, was founded in 1969 out of opposition to the war in Southeast Asia. The Foundation's purpose is to fund nonviolent social change organizations committed to peace and justice issues.
Capacitar Day in Santa Cruz capacitar day
Capacitar Day in Santa Cruz
Capacitar Day in Santa Cruz, CA was declared by Mayor Ryan Coonerty on January 8, 2011 in recognition of Capacitar's contribution to local and international healing.