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Trauma, Healing & Transformation

Trauma Healing and Transformation is an in-depth training program for professionals and grassroots people affected by traumatic stress. The program was developed as doctoral research in response to the needs of grassroots people traumatized by Hurricane Mitch and political violence in Central America. Outcomes showed significant positive change in the overall emotional health and wellbeing of participants.

The training is facilitated by Capacitar Founder/Director, Patricia Cane, Ph.D., and members of the international team and can be adapted to the needs of sponsoring groups. The program complements and supports existing community resources, cultural practices and mental health programs.

The training includes work with:

Trauma Healing programs have been offered in the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Timor Leste, Indonesia, Tanzania, South Africa, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Sierra Leone, DR Congo, South Sudan, Nigeria, Israel and Palestine. Participants have included: psychologists, social workers, police, medical professionals, teachers, therapists, mental health workers, religious, priests, ministers, popular health promoters, leaders of centers for abuse and recovery, prison chaplains and prisoners, those working with the traumatized and mentally ill, and grassroots people desiring to heal their families and communities.
  • trauma theory and research
  • body-mind-spirit practices effective for traumatic stress
  • secondary trauma and compassion fatigue
  • care for the caregiver
  • uses of Capacitar in clinical, professional and grassroots settings.