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Participants' Life Change Survey

A Preliminary Survey of Life Change in Participants from the U.S. and Latin America
as a Result of the Use of Capacitar Practices—June, 2002
Joan Rebmann Condon, M.A.

The following results are from a survey conducted in the Spring of 2002 of people who have participated in in-depth Capacitar trainings:

  • Practices Most Used by Participants on a Daily Basis after Capacitar Training

    Meditation/Centering  54.8%

  • Practices Most Used Overall
    (daily, weekly or less, monthly or less, as needed)

    Tai Chi94.6%
    Self Massage82.7%
    Work with Chakras81.7%
    Pal Dan Gum72%
    EFT/TFT Protocol67.7%
    Pain Drain55.9%

  • General Impact of Practices on Body-Mind-Spirit

    Impact Measure Percentage
    Emotional Outlook Improved or Greatly Improved 93.5%
    Mental Outlook Improved or Greatly Improved 89%
    Spiritual Outlook Improved or Greatly Improved 93.5%
    Physical Energy Improved or Greatly Improved 89%

  • Percentage of those who say Capacitar has changed their life: 67%

Use With Other People
97% of respondents have used Capacitar practices with other people.
88% of respondents have taught or teach the practices to other people or groups.

Educational Level of Respondents: 41% have an advanced degree