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Sponsor a Training

Capacitar is invited by groups and organizations to give trainings. We work with the group to assess need and we then customize the training to the specific participants. All trainings are facilitated by Capacitar certified trainers.

Sponsoring organizations or groups are responsible for all training logistics and costs including arrangement for the training site, any necessary meals for participants, setting fees to cover costs, and collecting and disbursing monies.


Training costs vary with the location of the collaborating organization, the number of trainees; their background, language(s) and needs; the time, intensity, and duration of training; available local resource people and services to support the training; and the cost of transportation, housing, and meals for trainers.

In the United States collaborating organizations or groups host the Capacitar trainer(s), provide training facilities and materials, pay for the trainers' transportation and pay a stipend of $1,200 per trainer per training day. Income to Capacitar from training fees help support the overall running of Capacitar.

International partners pay for trainer transportation from the trainer's home country or share transportation costs with other programs in their geographic area and provide room, board, local transportation, training facilities and materials and a stipend based on available resources. Many international partners access resources from funding agencies to develop a Capacitar training in their country or region.

Capacitar is also available to consult with sponsoring groups on funding proposals. For more information or to discuss your training needs, contact