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emergency kits
Download your Capacitar Emergency Response kit of best practices.

(Available in a number of languages.)

Sponsor a Fundraiser

Accept the challenge. Be part of healing of our world! Become a grassroots fundraiser for Capacitar.

Host a House Party:

Invite friends and family to gather socially to support Capacitar. Capacitar will provide guidelines, a video and a teaching guide for a simple practice to share with your guests.

Have a Sale:

Garage, tag, jumble (whatever name you use where you live):

Need to live more simply, dispose of things you no longer need? Help Capacitar by selling them and donating the proceeds.

Have a bake sale, sell pupusas, tacos (whatever special foods you have where you live):

Create and sell your specialty and donate the proceeds to Capacitar.

Run or Walk for Capacitar:

Choose an event near you and invite people to sponsor you to raise funds for Capacitar. Their donations are tax-deductible in the U.S.

Host a Special Event in your Area:

Bring folks together for music, dance, song, poetry—whatever your interest. Charge an admission fee and donate the proceeds to Capacitar.

For more information, e-mail