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Workshops, Retreats & Presentations

Capacitar offers workshops, retreats and presentations specifically designed for sponsoring organizations, centers, community groups, staffs and faculties.

Workshops and retreats of one or more days can include:

  • Capacitar body-mind-spirit practices appropriate for the group
  • Specific theory and practice related to the experience of the group
  • Time for individual and group reflection.

Workshops and retreats can transform the spirit of organizations, provide valuable professional and interpersonal skills, heal stress-related problems in staffs, and be a source of spiritual support and renewal for individuals and groups. Examples of workshops and retreats include: Restorative Justice Retreat for the Diocese of Los Angeles; a day of reflection and healing in memory of September 11 at Presentation Center, CA; annual three-day retreat/conferences in leadership and spirituality at CANTERA in Managua, Nicaragua; stress management workshops for seniors and for medical professionals in Tennessee, stress management workshops for teachers in California.

Presentations for sponsoring organizations can cover:

  • The spirit and work of Capacitar in general or in a specific world area
  • The theory and practice of Capacitar related to a specific field or organization
  • The theory and research of Capacitar in the field
  • A PowerPoint or video presentation on the people and work
  • Capacitar for the caregiver
  • Demonstration and practice of several basic Capacitar skills.

Presentations can be a way to network in the community, to give vital information on current issues related to the work of Capacitar, and to raise funds and support in the community. Capacitar offers presentations as part of meetings, conferences and social functions for women's organizations, churches, health professionals, veterans groups and civic events. Capacitar has given presentations at the UN Commission on the Status of Women in New York and for the Nevola Symposium for the Maine-Dartmouth Medical Family Practice Spirituality and Health Conference