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New Program Initiatives

Capacitar is developing several new program initiatives in response to growing societal needs and in collaboration with partners who work in direct outreach in the community.

Outreach to Refugees and Border Communities

Through the Capacitar en la Frontera team and workshops with refugee groups or those who serve them in different parts of the country, Capacitar offers methods for working with trauma, for healing persons impacted by abuse or violence, for managing self-care, and for empowering refugees to recreate their lives in a new community.

Outreach to Jails, Detention Camps and Family Victims Groups

Through Capacitar en la Frontera (El Paso, Texas, and Juarez, Mexico) the Restorative Justice Office in Los Angeles and other partners focused on jail ministry, family victims groups and outreach to detention camps, Capacitar provides skills and methods for empowering victims of violent crimes, healing trauma, transforming lives impacted by violence, and awakening compassion and justice in the community.  An ongoing program is offered for refugee detainees at the El Paso Detention Center and a new pilot is being designed and implemented for El Paso jail ministry.