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Multicultural Wellness Education

This is a one-year training program consisting of quarterly modules and a practicum. It is facilitated by Capacitar Founder/Director, Patricia Cane, Ph.D. or members of the international team, Joan Condon M.A., Mary Litell, OSF, M.A. Marjorie Wilbur, M.A., George Horan, M.A. and Margaret Wilson, RSCJ. It is usually offered in collaboration with other organizations. The program focuses on developing personal and community vision and skills for those working in outreach services, the healing professions, education, ministry, psychology, social work, spirituality and volunteer work.

Training objectives include development of:

• Basic proficiency in Capacitar wellness practices: Tai Chi, meditation, breathwork, fingerholds to manage emotions, Emotional Freedom Technique, visualization, energy exercises, active listening, acupressure protocols, polarity, simple massage
• Understanding and integration of theories and research that form the basis of Capacitar work: energy and field theory, the new cosmology, multicultural theory, leadership development, healing systems
• Facility in using a learner-centered popular education model through a practicum in the community
• Personal vision and values and a commitment to one's own personal healing process.


2016-2018 Trainings-Multicultural Wellness Education

United States

Santa Barbara, California

La Casa de Maria Retreat Center
805-969-5031 CEUs
Training 2016: Mar 18-20   July 15-17   Sep 9-11       Dec 9-11
Training 2017: Mar 10-12   July 7-9       Sep 15-17     Dec 8-10 

Northern California: Atherton
RSCJ Oakwood, Atherton CA
Training 2017: Dates TBA      

El Paso, Texas/ Juarez, Mexico
Capacitar en la Frontera
El Paso Training 2016: Sep 17-18     2017: Dates TBA
Juarez Training 2016: Sep 15-16      2017: Dates TBA

Tucson, Arizona
2016: Apr 30-May 1     July 30-31    Dec 3-4     2017: March 4-5

San Antonio
2017: Jan 21-22    Mar 25-26     Jun 24-25    Sep 23-24

John and Joan Smith
2016:  May 6-8    Sep 23-25      2017:  Jan 20-22   May 12-14   


Capacitar Ireland
2016, 2017 Dates TBA

London, University of Roehampton, Barat House

Marj McDaid
Training 2016: Feb 20-21    May 21-22     Oct 8-9      

Rev. Paul Golightly, St. Anthony's Priory
Training 2016: Oct 15-16       2017: Feb 11-12      Jun 3-4     Sep 30-Oct 1

Ali Newell, James Kirk,
Training 2017: Feb 4-5   May 27-28      Oct 7-8      2018: Feb 3-4

Perth  The Bield and Garden Cottage 
 2016: Feb13-14   May 14-15     Oct 1-2 
Middle East

Israel: Upper Galilee

Lora Hillel, Asmahan Mansur
Training 2016: Feb 25-27   May 26-28   Nov 17-19    2017:  Feb 23-25

Palestine: Bethlehem, Beit Jalla
Training 2015:  Nov 27-28    2016: June 3-4    Nov 25-26    

Butare-Trauma Healing Trainings

Antoinette Gasibirege,
10th Anniversary Celebration   June 8-14, 2016


Eiko Maki, CSJ
Training 2016:  Apr 8-9   Sep 2-3      2017: Apr 7-8    Nov 3-4


Katherine Singer
2017: Feb 14-22