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Capacitar's logo comes from a pre-Columbian design of the lotus, symbol of spirituality. The image represents creativity and empowerment—people rooted to the earth, with arms raised to the energy of the heavens, hands joined in solidarity around the world, with the seed of life nurtured and growing within.


Capacitar Prayer

We join with the earth and with each other,
With our ancestors and all beings of the future
To bring new life to the land,
To recreate the human community,
To provide justice and peace,
To remember our children,
To remember who we are...
We join together as many and diverse expressions
of one loving mystery,
For the healing of the earth
And the renewal of all life.

—adapted from the UN Prayer of the Sabbath

Artist: Sr. Corlita Bonnarens RSM

World View

We are people of Capacitar,
We are wisdom and creativity embodied
A voice for Gaia's energy unfolding.
We are community—discerning, empowering and compassionate.
We are change, encouraging inner and outer healing,
Willing to be in the cauldron of transformation.
We recognize our wholeness and holiness
Opening to grow with peace, power and love.
We desire to heal and compassionately transform our wounds into wisdom.
We are witness to the pain and injustice around us,
Committed companions in the struggle.
We celebrate equality and diversity, respecting
differences. We believe that giving is the act of receiving.
We heal ourselves to go forth to heal our world.
We believe that we are interconnected,
Part of ancestors and children to come,
Part of soil, earth and stars.

Artist: Ana Maria Restrrepo Vasquez