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Capacitar: A Brief History

Midwest and Southern US


Since 2002 Capacitar has offered workshops under the auspices of Alexian Brothers Hospital in the Chicago area for therapists, psychologists, police social workers and medical personnel. Future programs are planned for other areas.


In 2011, Transfiguration Spirituality Center, inaugurated the hosting of the Capacitar in depth training at the Convent of the Transfiguration in Cincinnati. Other cycles of training are scheduled for 2013-2014.

Capacitar has worked in Ohio since 1997: with Mercy Health-Partners and Mercy Wellness Center staffs and outreach nurses in Cincinnati; with health systems in Toledo and with the Grail in Loveland, Grailville. In Cleveland bi-lingual workshops for the Hispanic and African American Commissions of the Cleveland Diocese were offered in 1999-2002.

Capacitar for Kids, a pilot program for schools in Cincinnati, was developed by parish nurse Mary Duennes, RN, (2003-2005) and sponsored by Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation and Catholic Health Initiatives. The program addresses the needs of children, teachers and families living with domestic and innercity violence and teaches wellness practices for school and home. A manual, DVD and support materials were developed.


Capacitar workshops, in collaboration with the Center to BE, have been offered in Wisconsin since 1998 in Fond du Lac, West Bend and Milwaukee. From 2000-2010, the Center to BE sponsored a year-long program in Healing and Transformation led by Pat Cane. Women and men from ten states, Canada and Latin America have graduated from the program. Capacitar workshops for groups and staffs are also offered in Wisconsin by Marjorie Wilbur. A Capacitar Training in Healing and Transformation will be offered in both Milwaukee and Detroit in 2013, sponsored by CapCorps Midwest, Corktown Restorative Justice Center, Detroit Area Restorative Justice Network and Core el Centro.  


Capacitar offered workshops in Dubuque in 1999, and again in 2001 at Shalom Center, under the auspices of the Franciscan Sisters. Participants were from many parts of Iowa and five surrounding states.


Capacitar workshops were sponsored by Mercy Center in St. Louis from 1995-2000. From 1997-1999, the Capacitar Crones, a support group for women over 50, met bi-monthly at Mercy Center. Capacitar workshops were also held in collaboration with the Nia Kumba Center in St. Louis in 2003. New workshops for health professionals have been offered in 2012 and 2013 in St. Louis.

South Dakota

Capacitar workshops were held in St. Francis, South Dakota in 2001 and 2002 under the auspices of St. Francis Mission, Icimani ya Waste, the center on tribal lands. Native Americans affected by a history of trauma and violence participated in thetrainings.


Since 1998 Capacitar workshops have been sponsored by Sunrise Center and the Sisters of Mercy in Richlands, Virginia. The Capacitar-Appalachia Team offered workshops to Head Start, substance abuse groups, women's centers, hospitals and clinics in Richlands and the surrounding area. Since 2001, the team has offered workshops as well as weekend retreats, ongoing leadership training programs an community outreach. An in depth training for skills and leadership was held in 2008.


Catherine Spalding Center in Nazareth sponsored Capacitar workshops since 1998- 2002. In 1999, Capacitar offered workshops for Central American migrants working as farm laborers in Springfield. In 2001, the training in Multicultural Wellness Education was offered with CEUs through Spalding University.


In 2001-2002, Capacitar workshops were held at Imani Wellness Center in Indianola, Mississippi for grassroots women.


In 2003 and 2004, Capacitar offered a program of stress management trainings for seniors and medical professionals in Knoxville, TN and surrounding counties under the auspices of St. Mary's Health System and the Sisters of Mercy. Staff from St. Mary’s Health System participated in the Wisconsin in depth training and continue to offerCapacitar workshops in their area.


In 1999 and 2000 Capacitar offered workshops to empower grassroots women in collaboration with Sophia Center and the Sisters of Mercy in Little Rock.


Upcoming Workshops/Events


  • 29-30 Cincinnati Training in Healing & Transformation Module 3
    Transfiguration Spirituality Center, Cincinnati, Glendale OH
  • 14-15 Cincinnati Training in Healing & Transformation Module 4
    Transfiguration Spirituality Center, Cincinnati, Glendale OH

Contact Information:

Toni Thomas-Feren, Kimberley Fonner
Transfiguration Spirituality Center 495 Albion Ave
Village of Glendale, Cincinnati, OH 45246


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