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Capacitar: A Brief History


Capacitar was first introduced in 2002 in a workshop initiated by Fr Terry Pranomban, Pr. The workshop was attended by humanitarian and peace activists from Aceh, Poso and Ambon. The first of several modules of Capacitar intensive trainings for multipliers (TOM) was sponsored by Yayasan Berdaya Sehati (Yabes) in Bali. Subsequent modules have been given in Ambon and Yogyakarta. These trainings aim to educate local trainers to multiply Capacitar practices to empower people to take on their own healing from trauma and stress so they can work to heal their families and communities and create a more just and peaceful society. 

Capacitar Indonesia works to help people who are traumatized by conflicts and violence (e.g. Bali bombings, the Marriot bombing, the conflict in Ambon and Poso, domestic violence), natural disasters (earthquake in Yogyakarta, Mt. Merapi eruption, Tsunami in Aceh), traumas faced daily as a result of chronic diseases (patients and families of patients with HIV/AIDS, cancer), and individuals who need to overcome prolonged stress in everyday life.

Capacitar Indonesia is a group of social solidarity comprised of people who have received Capacitar training to empower themselves, improve their quality of life and live peacefully within their families and society. The members of Capacitar Indonesia are committed to sharing what they have learned with others in need.  It is a non-profit organization which collaborates with Capacitar International and is a member of the Capacitar International network of solidarity and empowerment. Capacitar Indonesia is available to facilitate trainings and workshops for people in need.

Capacitar Indonesia uses the practices taught by Capacitar International and embraces the spirit of Capacitar International.

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