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Capacitar: A Brief History

Pat Cane and Margaret Wilson, RSCJ, Capacitar England Coordinator, led the inaugural workshops in Uganda (Kampala and Jinja) in 2009, coordinated by Hilda Bamwine, RSCJ. Participants included women and men working in ministry, HIV/AIDS outreach, development, schools, hospitals, clinics and mental health. In depth training in 2010 was led by Pat Cane and Dr. Genevieve van Waesberghe, MMM. Outreach in Northern Uganda in Gulu, Moyo and other areas affected by ongoing violence includes persons working with school, development, youth, child soldiers, families and HIV/AIDS. Yearly in depth trainings led by Pat Cane and Genevieve van Waesberghe continue to be offered in Kampala, Jinja, Moyo, Karamoja and other parts of Uganda. 

Upcoming Workshops/Events


  • 1-12 Capacitar trainings and outreach
    Locations of trainings TBA

Contact Information:

Hilda Bamwine RSCJ

email Hilda Bamwine RSCJ


Click here to view a detailed map showing where Capacitar practices are taught and used in Uganda.


 News & Resources:

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