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Capacitar for Children, Teachers & Families

Capacitar for Children is a program in Multicultural Wellness Education for children, schools and families. The program teaches simple practices to students, teachers, parents, administrators and staff for use in the classroom, the schoolyard and the home. Practices and such as fingerholds for managing emotions and Tai Chi, can be readily incorporated into the school curriculum to enrich all subject areas. The practices can also be offered to parents and community groups as a way to deal with stress-related problems and to promote values and relationships.

Capacitar for Children is designed to:

The Capacitar for Children program is offered in the US and in other countries. The Capacitar for Kids Manual is available from our website (English and Spanish editions).



A pilot program, Capacitar for Kids, was funded for 2003-2005 by a grant from Catholic Health Initiatives to Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation and TriHealth Parish Nurse Program in collaboration with Capacitar. The program was piloted in Cincinnati, Ohio, at two Catholic elementary schools affected by violence and trauma in their neighborhoods. Manuals and materials were developed and in-service workshops were offered for teachers and staffs in the area.

For information on Ohio trainings for schools and teachers, contact Mary Duennes:



Capacitar for Children trainings are offered in Northern and Southern California for public and private school districts and for elementary and secondary teachers. For more information on trainings in California and the Western states contact:


International Workshops:

Capacitar teams in different countries offer workshops in schools and to community groups—in Indonesia, East Timor, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania. For information contact:

  • Support the learning process in the classroom
  • Promote positive healthy attitudes in the person, family and community
  • Heal physical and emotional symptoms related to traumatic stress
  • Transform patterns of violence in the individual, community and society.