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Work Environment

Capacitar Practices in the Work Environment
Theresa Heeg, Coach and Consultant

I entered the CAPACITAR training program because in my work as a coach and speaker, I knew I was ready to bring body and spirit techniques to my clients. The people I work with are dealing with the everyday stresses of life and work. Some are unemployed, some are looking for more meaning in life and work. Others are looking for inspiration to keep moving forward despite the pressure to do more with less at work. Since 9-11, there is more fear in the workplace and I think that the wellness techniques we learned can be a tool to help people let go of fear.

I have integrated breathing and movement, as well as emotional freedom technique and finger holds into one of my most popular talks-Taking Care of Yourself So You Can Take Care of Business. My audiences have included Human Resource professionals, women business owners, Kiwanis members, the Wisconsin Association of Equal Opportunity and several other statewide conferences. At a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Job Fair, I included breathing techniques as well as some simple body movements to my talk on Top Ten Tips to Job Seeking in a Tight Economy. I also use CAPACITAR practices with coaching clients, people ages 20-70. They consistently give positive feedback and are very responsive to getting out of their heads and into their bodies. They seem hungry for these techniques and by offering them along with my other material, I feel I am serving people more completely, especially during times of crisis, like job loss.