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Pregnancy & Post Natal

Capacitar for Pregnancy and Post Natal Care
Brónagh Heaney—Capacitar England

Brónagh Heaney of Capacitar England used different practices throughout her first pregnancy, and at the time of labor and delivery. Brónagh and her husband John are now finding Capacitar helpful with baby Niall, as well as for managing stress as new parents.

Practices During Pregnancy

  • Morning sickness: Use the accupressure points on the wrist for nausea. Hold the points located two finger widths away from the wrist joint on both sides of the arm between the arm bones.
  • Constipation: Using your thumb and index finger of one hand, press or massage the point between the index and middle finger of the other hand for several minutes.
  • Hiccoughs: Press the acupressure points on both sides of the head behind the ears at the edge of the skull bone. (Brónagh commented: "This point didn't work for me when I was lying down. I had to be upright.")
  • Back pain: Hold the pressure points behind the knees (if you can get at them comfortably!)
  • Insomnia: Check out the acupressure points listed in the manuals and the tapping exercises. Also, with the fingertips hold the point in the middle of the forehead, along with the point in the middle of the chest.
  • The Salute to the Sun: (See Capacitar Manual) This exercise done in a standing position was particularly lovely because the visualization is about connecting with the earth and the cycles of life. It was also quick and easy to do before work. Many pregnant women in my country have to pay to go to yoga but this was nice to do on my own.
  • Tai Chi: (See Capacitar Manual) These movements were valuable for promoting good posture and lessening the possibility of back pain.
  • Tapping Exercises: (See Emergency Kit of Best Practices) By taking time to check in with what worries you may have and by connecting with your relaxed self will help to ensure that the baby is not getting anxious vibes from you!
  • Fingerholds: (See Emergency Kit of Best Practices) Holding different fingers helped me to manage feelings that arose during pregnancy. Holding the thumb helped whenever I was feeling particularly hormonal and tearful. Little finger was held whenever I felt sorry for myself that no one would give me a seat on the train. After that I usually asked someone to get up!!! Ever since then even if I don't have a seat on the train if I see a pregnant woman looking forlorn and standing, I will ask her if she wants to sit down and then ask someone to get up. No point being angry about it!

Practices During Labor

  • Head holds: (See Emergency Kit of Best Practices) Your partner can hold one hand on the forehead and another hand at the base of the skull The holds calm a person in pain and labor and give lots of solidarity and support.
  • Pressure points between thumb and index: These points are good for labor and pain. This point made me dilate very quickly. Keep holding these and make sure someone reminds you, or have your partner hold these points.
  • Rocking from side to side: This gentle exercises really helped during labor.

For Dads During Labor

  • Anxiety: (See Capacitar Manual) The Sore spot on the left side of the chest, the Tapping Exercises, or holding the Ring Finger help calm the anxious father.


  • Chakra Tai Chi: (See Emergency Kit of Best Practices) These exercises have been amazing in helping me to establish myself with my new roles. Also it has helped me to balance and to focus on energy centers that may need more work.
  • Tai Chi: (See Capacitar Manual) I have used Tai Chi with Niall in a sling and it is great for getting him off to sleep when he started teething. It is very special. Now I am practicing Tai Chi a lot more without him close to me just to make sure I am having time with myself. Also it's so lovely at the start just to help you detach from each other in a really smooth way. He is still in the room when I do it now and he just likes staring at me.

Practices for Babies

  • Collic: Any of the rocking movements help with this.
  • Injections: Hold the thumb. They stop crying pretty quickly.
  • Polarity Rocking: (See Capacitar Manual) for deep realxation.
  • Head holds: Hold the head for helping them get into a routine of falling asleep on their own. Lots of touching is reassuring and you don't have to talk to them or pick them up, therefore reinforcing that it's nighttime and they should be going to sleep.