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Download your Capacitar Emergency Response kit of best practices.

(Available in a number of languages.)

Capacitar Is

  • A spirit of empowerment and solidarity
  • A network connecting people in 5 world area: the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia
  • An organization, Capacitar International, with an office in California and an international team of trainers
  • A core program of energy-based healing practices that awaken and empower people
  • Teams, coordinating groups and multipliers in over 40 countries
  • People who live with the Capacitar spirit multiplying the practices in their lives, work and communities

Capacitar body-mind-spirit practices include:

  • Tai Chi meditation, Pal Dan Gum and body movement
  • Visualization and breathwork
  • Active Listening and simple psychotherapeutic skills
  • Acupressure for alleviating pain and stress
  • Fingerholds for managing emotions
  • Energy Tapping modalities
  • Hand massage, seated massage and Polarity
  • Work with the energy system and chakras
  • And other wellness modalities

How Capacitar Works


  • Responds to invitations based on needs identified by communities
  • Collaborates with established groups and with other economic and social development efforts
  • Models alternative uses of power, as well as sensitivity to culture and traditions
  • Develops programs collaboratively with local people recognizing that an idea conceived and born within a group has the energy to move that group
  • Learns from local people's experience in adapting practices to the needs and culture of their communities
  • Trains and empowers people to be the popular educators and multipliers in their own communities
  • Connects grassroots people through an international network of solidarity building relationships of cultural and personal understanding